Keanu Reeves Feigns Interest In High-Concept Movie Pitch

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In today's episode: Keanu Reeves and Mary-Kate Olsen; Britney Spears; Queen Latifah and Eric Szmanda; Jimmy Smits; Chuck Barris; Larry Birkhead; Angela Kinsey; Angela Kinsey; Little Richard; and Carrot Top.

· Wednesday, July 25-Dinner meeting at the Chateau in the garden, honestly can't go to that place without running into someone. This time Keanu Reeves in his regulation black blazer over dark tee with motorcycle helmet in hand. He smoked a few cigarettes during a meeting with some industry types. The producer (I assume) was doing the hard sell, pitching high concept piss in his direction. Overhearing the whole thing, I actually felt bad for him. How many of those does he sit through a year? He did a lot of nodding and when he did talk the exec kept talking over him. He looked good—no beard, clean cut, hot as ever. A few tables away an Olsen (I think MK) sat down. Still working the bag lady chic, had on a weird hat and clodhopper shoes. Is it me or are she and her sister living Gelflings from the Dark Crystal? Girl was tiny as to be expected and by herself until she left.


· friday, july 20. saw BRITNEY SPEARS, queen sugar tits of malibu, sitting in a black convertible on pch, trying to make a left turn into a parking lot. she was wearing an awesomely bad black wig (put a comb through that thing, please) and i'm pretty sure, chomping on about 5 pieces of gum. she had her hand on her forehead, obviously deeply frustrated because nobody was letting her in. was this day of the now infamous OK! shoot? not sure if she had a pile of greasy-finger stained gucci dresses sitting in the backseat.


· today (7-25) driving west on melrose near urth cafe saw Queen Latifah walking east with a tall blonde, she was chating with some guys outside of a store just before urth (celeb central).....she looked so nice and happy.........

then at lunch at the newsroom on robertson saw Eric Szmanda of CSI pacing in front of the resturant talking on his cell not looking very happy about what ever was going on.....

· saturday night 7/21, outside the crest theater on westwood blvd. bf and i had just parked at a meter, finishing up a fast food dinner before catching the 10pm showing of hairspray, when a big silvery-white benz pulled up in front of us. tall goateed guy in khaki pants, very large shoes and an all-white yankees cap steps out of the car with two female companions. turns out it's none other than jimmy smits of la law and nypd blue fame (i also think he was on the west wing recently). we stood behind him in line for the movie. no one seemed to notice as he fed one of his gal pals frozen yogurt and waited patiently to be let into the theater. after some imdb research found out the recipient of the fro yo spooning was his longtime love, actress wanda de jesus. sorry, didn't care enough to find out what she's been in. cute couple though.

· Could that really have been the legendary Chuck Barris I saw marching up Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica, hand-carrying bags of groceries from the Albertsons two blocks away?

If so, he was looking pretty fit in shorts for a guy his age, but his grayfro has grown to the point where it's overwhelming his entire body.

· I was at the ArcLight last night (7/25), where they were having some sort of Bourne-related festivities. I did not see Matt Damon, but I did see Anna Nicole Smith's babydaddy, Larry Birkhead. He looked tanned and thin and happy, like he should be playing the saucy gardener on Desperate Housewives.

· Tues 7/24 - Dad was in town visiting, and after a day of showing him the sights around the Valley and the Strip, we went to Katsu-Ya in Studio City, where we saw Angela Kinsey (Angela, from The Office, though he knows her from Thank God You're Here, which i do not watch), enjoying dinner with 2 girlfriends (she's tiny). So Dad got some top-notch sushi (not shilling for Katsu-Ya - it really is quite good) plus a celeb sighting before he blows town. That is all.

· Whop bop a loo bop, a whop bam boo! Tootie frootie, on
a rootie. Whoooooo!!!!

Who was in first class on my Delta flight from LAX to Atlanta (7-26), looking actually pretty good (and no, I'm not his publicist)? You guessed it — Little Richard. Seriously, he looks way better in person than on TV.

7/23 — Driving down Santa Monica Blvd. in WeHo around noon I spotted a freakishly buffed out dude with very skinny legs and a wild red fro— none other than hideous comic Carrot Top. He was lurking behind a bus stop bench as though pretending not to be waiting. Not sure why he was in the heart of Boys' Town. Please God don't let him be gay — my people have enough to contend with.