Yesterday, I was trying to get home from Miami, but the weather had other plans, and the plane I was on got diverted to Washington, D.C. To Dulles Airport, to be exact, which is way farther outside of the city than I thought? But why would I ever go there? Exactly. Anyway! I gave up and got off the plane, and made my way to Union Station, where I sat at a bar and drank red wine and ate some weird fake tandoori chicken salad thing, and next to me was the most ridiculous first date I've ever had the opportunity to overhear.

The guy, who wasn't bad looking (he kind of looked like Obama, actually), but seemed kind of gay, worked for the State Department and had been in the Navy for 8 years. Everyone in D.C. works for the government! That means they're boring! She didn't seem to understand what the State Department did. Then they started talking about their families, and he said that he had a couple brothers and a sister, and his older brother was a meteorologist.

To which she responded, "Oh, wow, that's so cool! So he, like, studies meteors and stuff?"

"No, he's like a weatherman," he said.

Also she ordered some drink with Malibu rum.

Also, who has a date in the train station? It's nice and all, but still. Maybe they met online and she thought he might be a serial killer?