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Asked about the book during a session at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Writers Conference of the Southwest on Saturday, [Doubleday publisher Nan A.] Talese said her experience with author James Frey had not changed the way she handled memoirs. 'I'm afraid I'm unapologetic of the whole thing,' she said. 'And the only person who should be apologetic is Oprah Winfrey,' who she says exhibited 'fiercely bad manners — you don't stone someone in public, which is just what she did.'

Wow, Nan is right about everything—except, of course, not changing the way she handles memoirs in the wake of James Frey's fake one, and saying that "you don't" stone someone in public when in fact "you," if by "you" you mean any American televised entertainment, basically does nothing but. Okay, so she's just wrong all around! But she stood up to Oprah, and she has those great teeth. We love her.

Publisher Blasts Oprah [Dallas Morning News]