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Perhaps seeking a little insurance in case NBC gets cold feet about renewing its vows with The Apprentice, Donald Trump tried to snuggle up to arch-enemy Rosie O'Donnell's ratings-saving bosom. reports that, as part of a "celeb-driven season," The Donald offered the pigfaced mess a cool $2 million to work for 12 days on the struggling reality show about boardrooms, professional finger-pointing, and unnatural follicular biology:

The offer, I'm told, came through producer Mark Burnett's office.

Needless to say, O'Donnell turned Trump down flat.

"I wouldn't do it for $200 million," Rosie was said to have responded.

Trump, naturally, denies making the offer, probably to save face; we suspect that all his obsessive talk of what Kelli Carpenter sees in Rosie's besnouted mug and fleshy embrace lit a curious inferno in Trump's loins, now cruelly doused by Ro's latest cold rejection. But buck up, Don — it's for the best. Sure, she got people watching that moribund morning chatfest again, but we can't remember the last time anything good came from espousing the mantra, "What's good enough for The View is good enough for me."