Apparently, an email is "making the rounds"—we haven't seen it, which makes us suicidally sad!—about a scandal in our literary community. Per Galleycat, in this email "a prize-winning author notifies some of the grad students in his creative writing program that his lovely wife, also a writer, has left him for one of America's most prominent captains of industry—so those students can 'clarify the issues for any of your fellow grad students who ask,' as 'this sort of thing can get wildly distorted pretty quickly.'" Ron Hogan credits this email as more plausible than the Jonathan Galassi-Bill Clegg rumor, which means it must be, like, realer than real! Do you have any guesses? Send 'em in or leave 'em in the comments and we'll run a poll later.

[UPDATE: asked and answered!]

Finally We Get To Run A Blind Item [Galleycat]