In 2004, when then-Village Voice editor in chief Don Forst fired executive editor Richard Goldstein, he told the Times it was a restructuring issue:

''I had two executive editors, and I only needed one,'' Mr. Forst said, adding that he let Mr. Goldstein go because he believed the other executive editor, Laura Conaway, ''was more valuable, at this point, to me.'' The executive editor is the No. 3 position in The Voice newsroom.

Well, a few editors in chief later, it turns out Conaway isn't so valuable after all, or at least not to new editor Tony Ortega: She was just dismissed. Color us surprised! We weren't aware that there was anyone left to lay off. Ms. Conaway intends to spend some time at the beach. "I'll be in a new position soon, and meanwhile I'll take the time for a couple of projects that haven't got much to do with print journalism," she said in her so-long email. Good call.