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As it turns out, it was not Social Hollywood that was proudly reigniting the soak-and-poke torch tragically extinguished by the ceremonial dumping out of the last tubful of the venerated Splash spa's overchlorinated, DNA-rich waters. A note we just received from a helpful publicist reveals that it was the neighboring BOULEVARD3 (all caps theirs) that recently offered its upscale clientele the exciting opportunity to enjoy an evening of delicious food, top-shelf cocktails, and unrepentant, jacuzzi-enhanced fornication:

I am contacting you as I represent BOULEVARD3, the venue that is located next to Social Hollywood. The Cal Spas hot tubs that were delivered last week were actually delivered to BOULEVARD3 for an amazing special event - thought up an carried out by BOULEVARD3's owner Peter Famulari.

Famulari, who is always looking for new ways to excite his guests and encourage more genuine interaction within the crowd, hosted a hot tub party last Friday night. Details on the event are below.

While the event is already over, we present the press release after the jump, allowing you to get a taste of what you've missed and clear your schedule for next year's Hot Tub Party. Enjoy:

BOULEVARD3's First Annual Hot Tub Party

Entry is via RSVP only (as it always is for the venue) additionally there is no cover charge (as always.) We will be selling hot tub packages as we would sell tables for the evening. The package is listed below as well as the food and entertainment that everyone can enjoy on Friday.

The HOT TUB PACKAGE includes a Garden Room with their own private Cal Spas Hot Tub; a bottle of champagne, a bottle of premium liquor and mixers, a bucket of beer, and they will have access to unlimited energy drinks and water from 2-3am.

There will be a complimentary BBQ from 9-10:30pm created by Chef Joseph Ojeda that will include:

Grilled Caribbean Chicken Satay w/ mango salsa
Grilled Coconut Shrimp Satay w/ lemongrass and cilantro ajillo
Fresh Tropical Fruit Salad "Martini"

Other highlights during the event include:

"Beach volleyball" on the dance floor

2 Fashion Shows -Mia Presley Luxury Swimwear & Skin Flick and Lime. The models are a mix of former Playboy Playmates and Penthouse Pets

The venue will be open until 3 am.