For the second time this week, I got in a cab with a driver who did not understand this concept: "Greenpoint." Or, more shockingly: "the Williamsburg Bridge." Or! Actually! "THE BQE." Did a session of taxi school just end, I asked, trying hard not to actually slap myself in the face for not just getting out when I'd had the chance? "Yes," said the driver, "but I am a fast learner! I go one time to Greenpoint, I will always know how to get there." How very useful to me! And possibly to you, if you end up in this guy's cab wanting to go to that crazy place called Greenpoint, which is now one of the three places in Brooklyn (others: "Clinton Avenue" and "Pennsylvania Street") he knows how to get to. Also, it turns out that you can take a 24 hour, $85 course to prepare for the yellow cab licensing exam, which, clearly, cannot be very difficult. Long story short? Maybe it's time for us all to make like Zach Braff and get a bike.