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Today, there's a great spasm of coverage of Dow Jones agreeing to Rupert Murdoch's purchase of the company. But what are the people really saying?

  • Here's something fairly typical of the reaction in our inbox from inside the Journal: "NOOOOOO. I'm a new employee of Rupert Murdoch...SHUDDER."
  • Comments on one of the soon-to-be-Murdoch-owned Barron's blogs: "Then, if you have any integrity, you'll find a new job rather than doing the bidding of The Dark One."
  • Comments in the Journal forums: "This news is like hearing from an old friend that he has a debilitating, fatal disease." Also: "Cancel my subscription."
  • Says a staffer to the New York Observer: "I think the No. 1 feeling is unbelievable outrage at the obscene conflict of interest between the lawyers and bankers."
  • Says a staffer to the Los Angeles Times: "It's a sickening realization to know that this really great iconic newspaper is [not only] no longer going to be independent, but is also going to be controlled by a man whose values are inimical to ours."