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Fark, the insanely popular social-news site, with equally insane headlines, is an excellent source of ideas for lazy TV-news producers. So excellent, in fact, that an Indiana newspaper busted Fox News for picking up the story of a lurid homicide from a Fark link to the site. It also, jokingly, speculated that Fark would be Fox owner News Corp.'s next takeover target. On a lark, the site's founder, Drew Curtis, ran a Photoshop contest asking users to imagine what a Rupert Murdoch-owned Fark would look like. But it clearly struck a chord — and no surprise, since Fark's users and Murdoch's newsmen share the same mentality when it comes to headlines. Would the tabloid-like megablog really be such a bad fit within News Corp.'s growing Internet empire? (Illustration by bengieboy)