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At least now I know why I don't get laid anymore: All the old sleazy flirty men have retired, died, or moved to L.A. Anthony Haden-Guest tells the Observer's Spencer Morgan: "The massive streak of Puritanism in America has reasserted itself, especially amongst liberals. When I moved to New York there were still a bunch of good writers, often half-drunk, but still very good writers. That doesn't exist anymore. Where do they go? They probably go and teach at Bard." Suck it, Annandale-on-Hudson! And! Says a gal named Ruda B. Dauphin: "Everybody's greedy, everybody wants to make money, everyone wants to buy things. You wanna buy a yacht, an apartment. How much time have you got to spend seducing women or men? And it's a pity, because it's much more provocative to spend time seducing friends, lovers, possibilities, the girl next door, the boy next door. Come on. Come into my web. Be a spider." Oh honey, hold me, we'll get through this dark, sexless $12,000-watch-owning era together.

The Geezer Roués [NYO]