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At Wednesday night's Chinese Theatre premiere of Rush Hour 3, the latest installment of his tripartite cinematic exposé on the intolerance of native-born comedians towards recent immigrants who've had trouble learning to speak unaccented English, director Brett Ratner took a moment to put four of the greatest achievements of humankind into their proper perspective. Declareth Ratner, according to the LAT:

"It took 20 years to build a pyramid, 14 years to build Mt. Rushmore, 13 years to lose my virginity and six years to get Chris Tucker to make 'Rush Hour 3,' " said Brett Ratner at the premiere of this summer's latest threequel.

As impressed as we are to discover that Ratner was getting crazy laid at such a tender age, we're even more awed by the fact took it took him a mere six years to convince old friend Tucker to accept a paltry $20 million (plus gross points) to come out of semi-retirement. But once Ratner had set that final, load-bearing talent-stone in place, he knew he had the proper foundation to erect a fitting monument to his legacy that will far outlast those impermanent, already-crumbling tributes to long-forgotten pharaohs and presidents.