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Today brings potentially bad news for Transformers director Michael Bay, who last week was so memorably dragged into the legal clusterfuck that is the Phil Spector trial by a star witness named after a popular seasonal dessert. Apparently, Bay's previous telephone testimony won't be enough, and he'll soon be forced to take the witness stand to explain how he never blew off Lana Clarkson at a party, sending her into a depressive spiral that caused her to take her own life. Reports Court TV's Spector trial blog:

The prosecution unveils a list of 13 rebuttal witnesses, and one name is a blockbuster. Moviemaker Michael Bay, director of "Transformers," will take the stand and say that Punkin Pie was lying when she testified that he snubbed a teetering-on-the-brink-of-sanity Clarkson at a party a few weeks before her death, prosecutor Jackson says.

Bay, unfortunately, has offered no comment on this development on, where he previously had posted his unexpurgated thoughts about Punkin Pie and her accusations. We have no idea whether or not Punkin will be present during Bay's testimony, but her attendance could certainly make for an entertaining moment where he's asked to identify for the jury the "disgusting piece of shit" he referred to in that blog post.