'On The Lot' Still Casting, Just In Case Jerry O'Connell's Unavailable This Week

Even though each Wednesday morning ratings report returns results so low that Fox executives periodically call up Nielsen to make sure they haven't mistakenly swapped their show's numbers with those of a Telemundo infomercial for a local used car dealership, On The Lot continues on against all odds, with each first-run episode awing us anew with Steven Spielberg's power to keep the work of his fledgling auteurs on the air. For some strange reason, we incorrectly believed that the entire series was already in the can (maybe we were made a little suspicious by the fact that the show's format seemed to change every week without explanation?), but as revealed by a current casting notice just forwarded to us, they're still busy trying to fill rolls in the mini-productions that will one day earn begrudging, qualified praise from Carrie Fisher. The notice follows after the jump, but be warned: spoilers abound.

ON THE LOT (9 roles) Reality TV Dreamworks TV/ Burnett Productions/FOX 1 Hour Reality AFTRA Contract

Location: Los Angeles
Shoot Dates: 8/3/2007


[MR. CALLOWAY] 40's, Caucasian, Leading Man type. LEAD OF SHORT FILM.
[JENNY] 20's. Character actress. U/5. OPEN TO ALL RACES & ETHNICITES.

[TOUGH GUY] 20's -40's. A muscle guy/body builder type. OPEN TO ALL RACES &

[JOE] 40's, Caucasian, leading man, A modern GI Joe. LEAD OF THE SHORT
[KANDEE] 25-30. Caucasian, BEAUTIFUL, busty, blonde, A Pam Anderson type. COLEAD of the short film.

[DEMITRI] 40's, Russian,. A Bad guy. U/5
[LITTLE BOY] 10 yrs old. Caucasian, U/5
[LITTLE GIRL] 8 yrs. Old, Caucasian. U/5

[MR. STONE] 40's, Caucasian. A leading man type. LEAD OF THE SHORT FILM