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We'll get this out quickly, because time is of the essence: In just a few minutes, Steve Wonder will be performing in the courtyard outside CAA's Century City Death Star, a concert celebrating both the announcement of a new tour and the evil agenting monolith that will stop at nothing in the ruthless promotion of his show business interests. From an internal e-mail touting the surprise show:

Today at 1pm in Century Park, just outside our building, we will host a press conference for STEVIE WONDER. He will announce his first tour in over 12 years and perform a few songs.

We would love for everyone to come out during lunch to celebrate and enjoy one of the world's musical geniuses. This is a very special event, and one we should all be very proud to be a part of.

We welcome your lunch guests and friends to join us. So, move your meals around and stay close to home....for what promises to be a WONDERful afternoon.

We only hope that this event is executed a little more professionally than the last time CAA tried to throw an impromptu party for one of its high-profile earners; moreover, our fingers are crossed that they'll refrain from doing something embarrassing that cheapens the special occasion, like force hundreds of assistants to wear replicas of Wonder's signature sunglasses and sway in unison as their beloved client sings "You Are The Sunshine of My Life."

UPDATE: An operative has sent in the set list from the brief show. And, disappointingly, no "Sunshine" was to be heard:

Higher Ground
My Cherie Amour
Sign Sealed Delivered