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Attention, credulous gadget-seekers: There is no such thing as a GooglePhone. There never will be. Google executives are, shareholders should hope, way too smart to get into the hardware business, with its razor-thin margins. Sure, the search giant of Mountain View may be developing prototypes to help persuade carriers to feature its search engine and carry its mobile ads, as the Wall Street Journal has reported. But just as Google decided not to start making PCs, it's not going to start making cell phones, either. As Valleywag contributor Paul Boutin pointed out in Slate last year, when Google-PC hype was running as rampant as GooglePhone hype is today, "We might not realize it, but we all already have Google PCs." Any PC can access Google on the Web. And so it will be with cell phones, too. Check in your pocket or your purse. Your GooglePhone's right there.