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Entrepreneur, programmer, man about town — if by "town," you mean "Palo Alto." That's our Dave McClure, part of the PayPal gang and now, in geek semi-retirement, an extreme fan of Facebook, the buzz-ridden social network. I've known Dave a long time, and respected his critical thinking skills (as well as his avid commenting on Valleywag). Which is why I've never understood why he joined right in the Valley's Facebook frenzy instead of standing back and, with all his experience, questioning the hype. For the answer, roll the tape.

Interviewing him for Valleywag, Sarah Meyers, to her credit, got an answer out of McClure: He hopes to consult for the company. Asked if he's considered working there, he fesses up: "I might be helping with some outreach and events they're doing in the future." You're so busted, Dave. I still love ya, man, but for that, I'm handing you an award as Valleywag's latest Silicon Valley Tool.

(Video by Sarah Meyers and Enric for Valleywag)