What is it about the women Facebook hires? I'm sure they're all brilliant, but it needs to be said: The hot social network has equally hot personnel. Randi Jayne, sister of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, finally outs herself on video as a Facebook employee in this clip. But the video doesn't do her justice — as you might have noticed in her "Dontcha" iPhone video, she's distressingly cute. Her colleague, Meagan Marks, gives a sales pitch for working at Facebook that's best appreciated with the mute button on. And spokesperson Brandee Barker? Alas, she's not captured in this video, but you can check her out in this AllThingsD.com video. Or just take our word for it: Total babe.

If you're young, straight, male, and in need of a reason other than pre-IPO shares to work at Facebook, consider checking out its fine, fine collection of genuine Valley foxes. And whoever's in charge of recruiting at Facebook? I want to meet you. You fascinate me.

(Video by Sarah Meyers and Enric for Valleywag)