Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • This joker should send his latest efforts directly to Lifetime TV. I am sure Robert Browning would have done the same thing had Elizabeth Barrett run off with Algernon Swinburne. Or better yet, maybe they should get their own reality TV Show. Ah, when two needy egocentric idiots collide, Sweet music fills the air!!!
  • i was really drunk last night. oh shit! it is still last night. and now i am really fucking wasted, dammnit. i am, SO in fucking trouble.
  • I read your commentary about cab drivers and thought you'd find the following interesting.

    Last night around 830 PM, en route to an amazing event sponsored by the Clinton Foundation I got a cab. Just after getting in the following initial dialogue with the cab driver took place:

    Me: 51st and 7th
    Cupid Cab Driver ("CCD"): OK, how are you sir?
    Me: Great, how are you
    CCD: Great
    Silence for about 3 minutes as I check my e-mails/voicemails (noticing that he is looking at me a lot, which seems odd)
    CCD: Are you single?
    Me: Yes
    CCD: Are you Jewish?
    Me: No
    CCD: Do you know who I am
    Me: No
    CCD: I've been on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, on the Today show

    He then goes on to tell me he is Ahmed Ibrahim and he is the "cupid cab driver" He shows me a copy of the WSJ he was featured in, photos of him on the Today show, etc. He also explains that he finds it interesting that there are so many amazing single people in this City and that he estimates that there are about 5 single women for every man in NYC. He asks me how old I am and I tell him 30 and he then says that I should start thinking about getting into a serious relationship and he has several women he thinks I might like. He shows me pictures of some of them but says that he does not currently have a photo of the one he thinks I would really like but he will e-mail it to me. I later give him my business card and he said that he will set me up with up to 5 (if the previous presumably don't work out) but said that he would suggest counseling if none of them work out (kidding).

    Oh he also said that he may have his own reality show soon and then we talk about my ALMOST 15 minutes of fame (I was called by ABC Studios to do "The Bachelor" about a year and a half ago but turned it down because my serious gf at the time said that i was not allowed (exact quote you are SOOOO not a bachelor, alas).

    Soooo cabbies can be helpful AND entertaining...

    Also, I must say that the event last night was amazing, Jeffrey Wright spoke about his experiences visiting Africa ( as did Bill Clinton (he gave a speech that actually had a broader focus) and John Legend played some songs (fantastic).

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I'm copying this letter to the most read and respected MEDIA INDUSTRY news blog I know of in Manhattan for their excerpt and publication at will.

    It's not shock to me or anyone that Kinko's customer service policy seems to generally reflect the attitude that "the customer is always wrong and often completely S.O.L." However, I was still surprised tonight by the following: After being informed by two of your floor associates at 72nd and Broadway (Zip 10023) that neither they nor I could perform the fairly simple task of scanning some B&W documents with the use of a document feeder, I approached the front desk and asked a third employee, "is there a manager I can speak with?" His response was, "Hold on and just calm down a minute." I then explained, "Nothing is wrong, and I just want to know if there is a manager I could speak with?" His second response was "Don't give me your Tough Man attitude," and then he walked away.

    I'm just writing to tell you that I have had at least a dozen experiences like this at that location and others. I was also called "A LIAR" on one occasion when I complained about some misinformation one of your employees gave me that resulted in my requesting a credit, and the manager just shrugged his shoulders then too!

    I want share my opinion of your operations with you and others. I'm as a 31 year old New Yorker that has used that location only about 15 times (and I repeat, have had appalling experiences on at least 12 of those occasions) Your employees have a customer service ethic that is worse than that of any employee at a McDonald's or any other fast-food restaurant I have ever been served at. They are less present as fellow human beings during a transaction than the proprietor of any corner newsstand in Manhattan. They are slower and less friendly than the employees of any of the chains of drugstores at every corner of this island. They are angrier than any mass transit employee or any other state or local employee of New York City (including the Sanitation Dept) that I have ever encountered in a crowdc. And every one of them is consistently less helpful than a cab driver with a dented fender coming to a complete stop in the middle of traffic in Times Square causing a mile wide radiating backup at 8:45 on a Monday morning so that he can get out of the vehicle and argue with the bleeding bike messenger he just hit about whose fault the accident was despite the fact that neither of them speaks a lick of any common language, and all the while pointing a gun at the rider and demanding payment for the fare that continues to increase on the running meter and having not so much as a dime to his disposal to make change for the payment he's demanding in the most absurd of all possible scenarios that I or anyone could possibly think of. Scary thing is, it's not absurd. These things happen all the time, and just like those traffic jams, and the incomprehensible loudspeaker announcements that the subway is skipping your stop, things like this will continue to happen at Kinko's every hour of every day. Just like fresh needle marks on a heroin-addicted hooker's toes, there's always one open somewhere.


  • Yesterday I had a surreal experience.... I had a PLEASANT shopping experience in a Duane Reade - the employees were cheerful, helpful, and competent! And now I'm realizing that this is always the case at this particular store branch - It's the one on Broadway near Bleeker Street. Phrases such as "Can I help you find anything?" (followed by the employee actually walking me to where they keep the contact solution) and "Let me know if I can help you find anything else." and "How is your day going today?" and "Have a great evening." were spoken by several employees within the 10 minutes I was there shopping.

    I just wanted to see if others have had the same experience and also to give these employees the recognition they deserve. And here's to be a jaded New Yorker, where this actually makes me happy enough to take the time to write an email about it.
  • My name is Kelly and I represent Grail clothing. I have noticed that you often feature Leigh Lezark on and I would love to send her some goodies. Do you happen to know her publicists information or how I could get a hold of her to send some clothes her way?

  • Did you homos know that is listed as a news outlet on the left side of the Drudge Report? I guess that means you've arrived. Homos.