This was such a magical week for comments, you guys. Seriously! (A circle jerk of hilarity amid the vituperation!) We sometimes found ourselves laughing so hard we cried. Laughing and crying, you know, it's the same release.

Twofer re: Naomi Watts Parturates At Last:
Josh Speed: "It seems to me that Lohan is the fastest 'child-star-to-washup' we have had yet. The cycle is ever-tightening. It took Dana Plato almost 20 years (G-d rest her) to work herself up to dumpster living and 7-11 robbing."

Followed by Hortense: "Perhaps this is why Corey Haim is pointing his finger at all of us today. And also why Corey Feldman looks so contemplative."

Re: WSJ' Managing Editor Marcus Brauchli Tells His Staff Not To Panic
Sara Benincasa: "God, it must be so upsetting. Can you imagine toiling for years at a paper that caters to rich white people and is owned by rich white people, only to wake up one morning to discover that a different rich white person now signs your check? This world is FUCKED."

Grandmoffbastard spoke for us all when he asked, regarding 'Robert Olen Butler Says His Mass Email Was 'Intended Strictly For Those Who Personally Know Elizabeth And Me,' "Oh, who could have predicted that this email would so quickly have moved outside of the sphere of those for whom it was strictly intended? Dude had better take those spring break pics off of his Facebook, too."

And, you know, countless others. Basically, if you commented at all this week, pat yourself on the back. Especially you, Lolcait.