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· Now here's a classy problem: So many movies are making so much money that studios are having a hard time holding onto screens for their weeks-old, but still popular, product, as the flood of new releases suck up precious space at the multiplex. [Variety]
· Producers Alan Ladd Jr. and Jay Kanter win $3.2 million in damages from Warner Bros., which a jury determined screwed them out of millions in Blade Runner, Police Academy, and Chariots of Fire profits through those cute creative accounting practices studios love so much. [THR]
· Not that we don't like Steve Zahn, but it can't be a great sign for Jennifer Aniston's movie career if he's the biggest name they could get to star alongside her in a romantic comedy. (On second thought, feel free to swap their names and muse that Zahn should fire his agent.) [Variety]
· Katherine Heigl starts a production company with her mother. Adorable! (OK, she's her momager, but still. Cute!) [THR]
· Good news, karaoke fans: Fox has decided to keep Don't Forget The Lyrics on in the Fall, as part of a scheduling strategy they hope helps reverse their recent trend of throwing up their hands in defeat until American Idol saves them in January. [Variety]