Think you could do a better job than "world's worst interviewer" Merry Miller? Unless you have a suppurating neck wound, you probably could! In an attempt to make lemonade out of the lemon that was Merry's interview with Holly Hunter, ABCNewsNow is holding a contest where the "prize" is a guest shot hosting "What's the Buzz," the scene of Merry's famous flameout. As for Merry herself? The "risk-taking businesswoman" is sanguine!

"The power of the Internet is so [great]. I'm involved in some online ventures, and my gut had told me that [the Internet] was the future of the world [and this proves] that viral marketing has really kicked in. I'm going to take this phenomenon that I created and drive it somewhere."

That's fine with us. As long as it's OFF-CAMERA!

The Interview Seen Around the World [ABC News]