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Nancy Hughes, the wife of Rambus CEO Harold Hughes, has been revealed by an internal Rambus investigation as the latest "insider" boosting a company and its CEO, in particular, on popular investment discussion board Investor Village. It's no surprise that clarissamehitable's loyal and supportive comments raised the suspicion of other rancorous board posters since the embattled memory chip patent licensor has few remaining. In the midst of an option pricing scandal, Rambus is well off the highs it achieved in 2000 and unlikely to ever re-attain them. Its attempt to enforce its patent portfolio after having other memory manufacturers agree to standardize on related technology backfired miserably.

Nancy Hughes' comments are unlikely to attract government scrutiny. It is not believed that Harold Hughes, CEO of Rambus, had any knowledge of his wife's activities despite (presumably) sleeping by her side, and her comments did not reveal any insider information, again, despite her intimate knowledge of the company's CEO. Her comments were not those of a stock manipulator but simply an overzealous and sympathetic wife. Rather than an example of executive malfeasance, she was simply following Tammy Wynette's advice to "Stand By Your Man."