These women AREN'T WEARING PANTIES. Look to your left; look to your right. At least 50% of the women you can see also are not wearing panties. Can you believe this?

The Post's Marianne Garvey continues her string of journalistic coups. In the process of reporting on the vitally important story concerning National Underwear Day, Garvey discovers something shocking: Many New York women eschew undergarments altogether! In fact, the brazen hussies have no qualms discussing their uncovered pudenda: Says Ashley Leveling, a 20-year-old student, "I go commando so there's no lines—even thongs leave lines. Not wearing any lets you breathe a little bit." Leveling also admits to having worn a cocktail dress to a school function with nothing underneath! Stephanie Delserro, 19, also forgoes vaginal apparel. "I never wear them," she says. We don't know about you, but there's something about the idea that a legion of fit young women are roaming our city with nothing between their skirts and their dewy, waxed ladyparts that makes us feel concerned. And confused. And short of breath. We're heading up to Times Square to investigate this story ourselves.