From one "Craig L." comes this missive:

How in the hell are we supposed to care about this bitch Julia Allison? Who is this woman and how did she rise to such notoriety with such little education and or common knowledge of the world around her? The question remains, who among us can't do what she does? This is not simply a latter day Carrie Bradshaw. This is a painted whore who drives a Mercedes off her ill gotten gains. Perhaps because we don't have a 34D chest and a vacant personality we shall never attain such lofty goals. This girl is a menace, a boil on society and I, for one, refuse to accept that she gets a pass just because she has big tits. If people like me are heard then this girl w ill be out of the papers, if not now, eventually. I am sick of this type of New York bullshit. Woody Allen I can take, he is at least funny 10% of the time. This bitch is just annoying 100% percent all the time, every time. Please kill me before you place another post about her.

Hey, Julia-haters, doesn't it feel cool to be on this guy's team?