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There's nothing sexy about air travel today, and despite Virgin founder Richard Branson's best efforts, we really don't think Virgin America's new service is going to change that. But lower airfares between JFK and SFO? That sounds superhot to us.

What JetBlue left unfinished in its battle with United and American over the transcontinental route, Virgin is sure to finish; no wonder the dominant airlines squawked so much about Virgin's launch. Whatever it takes to make the Gotham-to-Bay Area Babylon shuffle less expensive, we're down with. And we'll give Branson this much: He throws a hell of a publicity stunt. Cheerleaders, aging chorus-line dancers, and surfer girls adorned the party he hosted for the arrival of Virgin America's inaugural flight in San Francisco. Gavin Newsom, the supernaturally handsome god-mayor of San Francisco (bow down and worship, fools!) was on hand to greet him, and a Valleywag lenser was on the scene.