We hear that Vh1 is currently casting a talent-competition show that's to be a mix of 'The Devil Wears Prada' and 'Ugly Betty' called 'American Ugly,' where girls who don't feel that just being a women's magazine editorial assistant is degrading enough on its own will get to be editorial assistants on T.V. They're still casting the hosts, though, and they're running into snags: Apparently, they'd like an "Anna Wintour type," who would ideally be the editor of a real magazine, with which the show would have a "Project Runway/Elle" type relationship. Aww. Dreams are cute! They'll be lucky if they can get the editor of Life&Style, whoever that is. Anyway, they're also casting an "Emily Blunt type" and a "that bitchy gay guy" type. Have your agent look into it!