Great American Celebrity Novel 'Outside In' seems to be mostly about our heroine Kate Keyes-Morgan's terrible relationship with her husband-manager Hamilton. Courtney Thorne-Smith used to be married to a different guy than the guy she is currently married to. Huh!

Hamilton sighted deeply, as if deciding whether she was worth talking to at all, then said, "You are allowing your jealousy and insecurity to get in the way of my happiness, which is the epitome of "lower consciousness" behavior. You need to reread pages 57-59 in [his therapist] Penelope's book. In fact, you should probably reread the whole book because you seem to be backsliding quite severely. The only way for you to be happy is for me to be happy, and the only way for me to be happy is to be allowed to follow my bliss. And right now my bliss is Sapphire Rose."

"Your bliss is Sapphire Rose?" Kate demanded in disbelief. "Do you hear how that sounds?"

"Do you hear how you sound, Katie? Whiny and insecure." He got up, grabbed his jackedt from the back of the chair, and headed towards the door.

"Hamilton, wait," said Kate, still kneeling on the floor, having a hard time processing what she was hearing and standing up at the same time. "You know I love you."

"Yes, Katie, I know you love me." He headed towards the door, pausing one last time to turn and add, "But that's not really the point, is it?"