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FROM THE DESK OF MEGAN MCCARTHY — This weekend, the New York Times ran an article on how entrepreneurs really need to get their paperwork in order before hiring staff, using the Facebook-ConnectU lawsuit as an example. One person's oral contract is another person's "dorm room chit-chat," as the judge in the case put it, and what have you. Or something along those lines. Whatever. I couldn't really pay attention to the text. Did you see that picture? That was a bold move, Mr. Anonymous Times Photo Editor, illustrating the article with a gratuitous full-on crotch shot of one Mr. Tyler Winklevoss. One that I'd like to applaud, if I could stop staring at that image. Goodness.

I mean, seriously. The whole picture is framed to make Winklevoss's shadowy loins — the same loins he claims birthed the very notion of a college social network — the focus of the image, from the composition to the fisheye lens. It's directly in the center — the same exact spot Tyler claims ConnectU deserves in the pantheon of social networks! I'm sure there's some wacko professor at Berkeley who will incorporate this picture into the curriculum and hold a joint symposium with her Gender Studies class and some Haas MBA students. As for me, all I can think is, "Yeah, I'd friend that."

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)