So, I just got back from a week in California! What a strange land. I didn't see Arnold Schwarzenegger once. But all those things they say about Pinkberry are true! There was a line out the door at the one I went to in L.A., and it was populated by teenagers wearing Penn sweatshirts and carrying Louis Vuitton bags, and talking about when their parents would be out of town. Also, very skinny women saying that the 8 oz. Pinkberry yogurt has 40 grams of sugar! Put down the spoon, lady. I also went for a walk around Brentwood, and came across a first-floor apartment with a large window facing the street. It had several of those cat play-structure things stacked on top of each other. It looked like they took over the whole room! And there was a cat staring at me from the window. WEIRD. But the best part of my trip to California was a conversation I overheard at a Carl's Jr. on Highway 5.

Girl to guy: "Yeah, and then we read this book called the Metamorphosis? It's about a guy who turns into a bug!"

Guy: "That sounds dumb."

Girl: "Yeah, it was retarded."

Guy: "I had to buy that book Elements of Style for one of my classes."

Girl: "That sounds familiar. We also read To the Lighthouse. It has no plot!"

Although, to be fair, it's not like they were wrong. Everyone from Martha Woodmansee to James Wood would say much the same.