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Poised on the precipice of his own breakout moment, Jonah Hill (née Jonah Hill Feldstein) may seem at first to merely be the latest manifestation of Hollywood's current love affair with doughy and nonthreatening Semitic writer/actor/comedians. Leave it to the stack-delving snoops at The Smoking Gun, then, to uncover Hill's checkered past, as it turns out the Superbad star was arrested last year for relieving himself just a urine's-stream away from the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios:

Hill, who plays a hapless high school student in "Superbad," was named in a March 2006 Los Angeles Superior Court complaint...

Hill was booked on the misdemeanor charge, which was later reduced to an infraction (to which he entered a guilty plea). Hill was fined $50, but a court docket indicates that the levy was suspended.

With the charge successfully reduced, we doubt Hall's minor criminal record will prove to be any deterrent to his budding career. Still, we hope the actor takes from this a valuable lesson about the consequences of his self-voiding actions, ultimately deterring him from one day pulling a Jim Carrey, and, in an improvised flight of comic fancy, soaking the set of his latest movie in torrent of asparagus-tinged waste-water.