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You'd think Mark Zuckerberg would be thrilled to make the cover of Newsweek. But secretly, we bet, the CEO and founder of Facebook is fuming. Why? Because the venerable weekly made a newbie mistake on the cover, one that Facebookers find grating. The cover invites readers to "add" Mark as a friend. Yes, the site does have an "Add Friend" dialog, so it's technically correct — but insiders hate the "add" usage, since it's easily confused with MySpace's lingo. Mark's own sister, Randi Jayne, chewed me out a couple weeks ago for that very mistake. And anyone who's used the site — clearly, not Newsweek's editors — knows that the proper terminology is to "request" or "confirm" someone as a friend. The basic gaffe tells us that the rest of the story — a predictable rehash by writer Steven Levy, assisted by eight (eight!) colleagues — can mostly be dismissed with the "Ignore" button. A few interesting status updates, after the jump:

  • Former PayPal CEO Peter Thiel invested $500,000 in Facebook.
  • Zuckerberg clinched his $12.7 million investment in 2005 from Accel Partners by ordering a Sprite, since he was still underage.
  • Facebook raised another $25 million round in 2006.
  • Microsoft's contract to sell ads on Facebook runs through 2011.