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Bollywood sex symbol and former Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant Shilpa Shetty is being wooed by the producers of the next Bond film to play the superspy's love interest, reports Metro:

Daniel Craig's next on screen love conquest could be non-other than Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty.

Producers of the next flick, Bond 23, are desperately trying to sign her up because she sells out cinemas across Asia.

A source said: 'Shilpa is having secret talks with the top brass who are working on the next movie.' [...]

A spokesman for Shetty said she could not comment on the story today.

Shetty is mostly familiar to Americans for having inadvertently caused an uproar in her home country, after being playfully ravaged by Richard Gere at a rally in New Delhi. That said, we can only imagine the kind of rioting and effigy-burnings that will follow their first glimpses at the racy love scenes between Daniel Craig's chiseled Bond and Shetty's double-agent seductress, Deepa Kunilingus.