The new issue of earnest (bordering-on-sanctimonious!) magazine Good has arrived! It's the first anniversary issue, so there's a bit of self-congratulatory back-thumping and tabulations of how much money the magazine and its readers have donated to charity. That part is nice. There's also a charticle, "Girl Power," about global politics that announces, "Half of us are female, but only 10 of our leaders are." Which is funny, because a look at the Good masthead doesn't reveal too many staffers of the female persuasion, either!

Out of 21 editorial staffers—including Owner/Founder Ben Goldhirsh, and the photo, design, and web staffs—Good has six women. Three of them are in copy/research, one of them is an editorial assistant, and two others work on the web. So really, there's just one woman, Features Editor Siobhan O'Connor, in a significant masthead position. There are several male staffers with gender-ambiguous names! But a quick Google proves that Casey Caplowe, Morgan Clendaniel, and even Jaime Wolf are all men.

Sure, world leaders and the Good masthead are hardly comparable entities. But if you're going down that road about the wrongs of the world, well, you might start in your own backyard. Hiring a few more people who didn't go to Brown or Andover might be a start. (No, St. Albans and Harvard grad Al Gore III doesn't count.)