Skeptics Believe Paris Hilton Might Not Be Scheduling Her Own Well-Publicized Charity Appearances

Believe it or not, there are people in the world so miserly of spirit that they refuse to believe that Paris Hilton's jailhouse conversion from tabloid monster that drew its superhuman, fame-whoring strength from the flickering light of paparazzi flashbulbs to a God-fearing, puppy cuddling, cancer-kid-hair-tousling saint may be less than genuine. Today's Page Six examines the theory that the sudden dearth of video footage of Hilton being dragged from her ankles from Hyde's back door and deposited in the trunk of a waiting Bentley is due to Sitrick & Company coming into her life, the crisis management firm she's retained to scrub up her post-Lynwood image:

"You can tell that it's hard for her that she is not supposed to be seeking the attention anymore," said one Hilton lensman. "She is going to the types of events that her people tell her to go to. But she is definitely staying away from the club scene. Paris is all about her dogs and hanging out alone."
Just like any good flack, Sitrick takes no credit for Hilton's sudden transformation.

"Paris said when she got out of jail that it was a life-changing experience, and indeed she has changed," he told us. "She's more involved in charities now - from volunteering at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles to her being a sponsor at a spinal cord injury fundraiser and more. People may try to read something into this that's not there - but that is who she is."

We'd like nothing better than to believe that Hilton has truly changed her ways, and that it's merely her newfound dedication to service that's driving her conspicuous charitable activities. Nothing would warm our hearts more than knowing that when Hilton shows up for her fifteen minute tour of Children's Hospital to introduce the patients to Remission, the new fragrance ("Hi...Leukemia. Wow, that's a funny name! Were you parents hippies? Hey, wanna smell something realllllly good?") whose profits she'll be donating to helping the sick kids after deducting her considerable operating expenses and a fair endorsement fee, she's acting from purely altruistic motives.