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Have you heard about the new indie publication Girl, Get Your Mind Right!? No? It's on the Amazon hot new release list, and word on the street is that it's selling quite nicely! Apparently the author is a young woman from Brooklyn named Tionna Smalls, who apparently has a limited promotional budget but plenty of free time! After the jump, please enjoy the informative e-mail every single one of your Gawker editors got at some point this week. It's actually kind of charming in its own sadly clueless way. Oh, and be sure to cop the book, 'kay?

From: Tionna Smalls
To: [and Emily, and Choire, and Doree, and Josh, etc.]

I think you should review an indie book called "Girl, Get Your Mind Right!" its on the amazon hot new release list and its selling quite nicely. A young woman from Brooklyn, NY named Tionna Smalls, wrote the book and she too has her own entertainment website/blog site called Talk Dat Ish. Please do something on this young woman.

Make sure you cop the book, "Girl, Get Your Mind Right!"