In a couple of hours, chronicler of his own loucheness and nominal author Jay McInerney will be hosting brunch at Paris Commune to celebrate Paris Commune serving brunch on weekdays. He's doing it as a favor to his ex, a woman named Jeanine Pepler who runs the PR firm that reps the restaurant. (The story of their connubial dissolution was chronicled by McInerney in an anthology called "Committed." Read the Salon interview.) Today's invitation promises a fabulous giftbag and "as many Bloody Marys as the midday will permit." We've wrangled an invitation by promising we won't be overtly hostile to Mr. McInerney. We will not gently rap him on the forehead and ask, "Is anyone home? Helloooo!? What's your trick, Mr. Magic?" Which is where you come in. Do you have any suggestions for questions we could pose? That aren't rude? When we see him at noon, we'll ask him.