Publisher's Marketplace reports, "We were surprised when media outlets made much of the news that a "New York publisher" had picked up rights to IF I DID IT. Last night, a statement was released showing the true nature of those first implications — the purchaser is Eric Kampmann's Beaufort Books (distributed by Midpoint), and a Reuters piece cites a publication date of October 3. Though it now appears to have been removed from their site, as of recently Beaufort described themselves this way: 'Beaufort offers an intriguing alternative to the traditional publishing model. We guide the publishing process, share in the risk, and offer the expertise and experience that are necessary to make any book a success.'" In other words, the O.J. book is for all intents and purposes being published by iUniverse. Pure class. Commenter MisterHippity "drew" this faux New Yorker cartoon, by the way.