The film crew for "How To Lose Friends And Alienate People" has been terrorizing New York this week. Last night, they shot what people were told were the final scenes of the movie adaptation of exiled former Vanity Fair journo Toby Young's book. Is it a spoiler if, you know, the film's based on a book? Sort of?

According to a spy, "Kirsten Dunst was really nice and cute and bubbly and Simon Pegg"—playing the Toby-esque role—"was talking to the extras like they're real people. We did take after take of Simon kissing Kirsten, which is the last scene of the movie. So now we all know how it ends: He gets the girl in the frumpy dress. We were supposed to be watching a movie in the park in front of the Brooklyn Bridge and I think that 'La Dolce Vita' will be playing on it in the movie." How romantic. How Hollywood! How lifelike!