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Neal Ungerleider is really working at his new blog-job at FishbowlNY to make not-friends. Today, he calls out Glamour preggyblogger Christine Coppa, who we think is kind of sweet and brave and smart (for Glamour—so basically we are saying that she is the one tard in the halfway house who is allowed to use a real butterknife), for spelling a word wrong in an email to his blog. Oh no he di int. ('Di'int?')

Dear Glamour Bloggers... Specifically, dear Glamour preggers blogger Christine Coppa: We didn't mind it recently when you wrote us to promote your blog. It was a bit shameless, but we write a media blog... we're used to it. But the next time you send out a promotional e-mail, check your spelling. Please? From: christine coppa [mailto:REDACTED] Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 12:37 PM To: Subject: General questions, comments, or crises Hello Was wondering if you could plug my blog. I pen Storked! for It was noted in WWD this week and has been also noted by, and Much apprecited. Christine M. Coppa FBNY apprecites your e-mail as well, Christine.

Uh, you get swamped with progesterone and see if you can spell or even type, Neal. SEXIST.