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John Furrier, CEO of troubled videoblogging startup PodTech, has finally replaced himself, as promised. But the long search for a CEO to lead the faltering video network can only be judged a failure. James McCormick may have "23 years of operational, finance, and senior management experience," but he has never served as the public face of a company. His appointment, too, can hardly be said to be the result of a "search": He's been working behind the scenes as PodTech's COO for the last nine months under Furrier. Had he really filled the company's needs, and more importantly, the demands of PodTech's restless investors, he would have been promoted without interviewing outsiders. Furrier's skills of persuasion — which seem to be the main thing holding the company together — apparently didn't sway any candidates. (Photo by Robert Scoble)