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It seemed inevitable that the GLAAD-led protest of former Sopranos star Joseph "Gay Vito" Gannascoli's endorsement of the billiards implement used to rape and murder his leather-loving TV character would quickly lead to the removal of the item from his "To Die For" line of merchandise (and its establishment as an instant collectors' item—the cues should be hitting eBay any minute). Indeed, TV Week reports that the manufacturer has already yanked it from their website and that the actor has issued the necessary mea culpa:

Gannascoli has apologized for the uproar, noting he has other "to Die For"-branded products, and called his endorsement of the pool cue "a coincidence."

Even though Gannascoli obviously regrets the coincidental application of his "To Die For" brand to the sporting good his Sopranos persona actually died for, it looks like he's not ready to abandon the pool cue business entirely: While the original, offending stick is gone, his website promises that "'A NEW cue to is coming soon from Joe Gannascoli," which we imagine will bear his just-created, far less controversial "To Foster A Culture Of Tolerance Of Understanding Of People Of All Sexual Preferences" trademark.