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Frequent visitors of this site know all too well that there is nothing in life we enjoy more than online slideshows and lists that seek to rank the influence enjoyed by members of selected Hollywood groups once they've subtracted out all the straight, white males who run the entertainment industry.

Imagine, then, our delight at having our attention called to Premiere's 100 Women in Hollywood feature, a pretty comprehensive celebration of show business ladypower— at twice the size of Var's recent offering, nearly everyone who's ever been promoted above the assistant level seems to be included (and even Lindsay Lohan made the cut for showing her fellow influentials how to efficiently squander their career momentum). Enjoy; if you're anything like us, the rest of your Friday afternoon will be lost to flipping through slide after slide featuring headshots of your favorite triumvirates of Endeavor agents or quartets of CAA gals, any of whom could have you killed with a single phone call.