Meet Ryan Seacrest, Your Last-Minute Emmy Host

Panicked that the Emmys were rapidly approaching and they hadn't yet named a host for the awards telecast, Fox has convinced American Idol master of karaoke ceremonies Ryan Seacrest to borrow one of Ellen DeGeneres' tuxedos and assume emceeing duties for Hollywood's Third- Or Fourth-Biggest Night, Depending On How You Feel About The Globes And SAG Awards. While Seacrest's hosting bonafides are certainly beyond question—tens of millions of furiously texting teenage girls can't be wrong—those handling the production remind us why America is so crazy in love with Hollywood's hardest working man and offer a brief tease about the surprises they have in store for TV fans. Reports Var:

"Ryan Seacrest is known and loved by television audiences around the world," Fox alternative entertainment prexy Mike Darnell said. "His work on 'American Idol' is unparalleled in the industry. He's a consummate host of major live broadcast events and a proven talent who always makes it look easy, which makes him the perfect choice for this year's Emmy telecast."
"This year's show will be different in a number of ways," [executive producer Ken Ehrlich] said, calling the host "a perfect match for some of the innovative things we have planned."

With both Seacrest and Fox's Minister of Alternative Programming Evil on board, it seems all but inevitable that many of these "innovative things" will be borrowed from the Idol formula; the evening's most poignant moment will come when Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series loser Charlie Sheen, weeping uncontrollably after Simon Cowell's withering appraisal of his Two and Half Men Work ("Perhaps we'd finally see some chemistry if Jon Cryer were forced to wear a cheerleader outfit each week?"), regains his composure after Paula Abdul delivers an incomprehensible, five-minute soliloquy comparing the actor to a beautiful butterfly she may have hallucinated earlier that morning.

Bonus: A fan on an MSN Idol message board offers a producer's mock-up showing an early vision of how Seacrest and Cowell will make their grand entrance at the ceremony.