So, the son of Camilla Parker Bowles—you know her better as Mrs. Prince Charles—has a new book out. (That's him in an undated photo with his sister Laura.) The book's something about eating exotic food on his world travels. He's also an editor at Tatler, the cheeky British mag where Tina Brown became editor at the tender age of 25. Also, his wife is an editor at Harper's Bazaar. They live in Notting Hill, which Tom accurately characterizes as the land where everyone's a twat.

"It's such a cliché, and everyone's a twat, but I love it," he said. "Mine's not the posh part but the back part, the All Saints Road. When you were young, you could buy anything you wanted there, and when you were sixteen that was very attractive, but you always got ripped off: a little white boy, very posh."

In other news, this is only the third time, according to Nexis, that the word "twat" has been used in the New Yorker. For the record, both other times they were also in quotes; the first time was in a 2004 review by John Lahr, and the second was in April, in Bill Buford's Gordon Ramsay profile.

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