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On the left, beatific investor Rob Hayes of First Round Capital. On the right, worshipful Xobni cofounder Adam Smith, genuflecting before the man who graced his startup with the tall dollars, and helped fund a night of excess last Friday.

Xobni, an email-organization startup launched by Paul Graham’s Y Combinator incubator, has not yet come out with an actual product. But no matter! They threw a party last Friday to celebrate their new office in San Francisco’s Financial District. I, alas, skipped the affair, which, in retrospect, was a bad decision (no kidding -Ed.), because judging from the pictures, they had a hell of a time. So, what is Xobni, exactly? From the tipster who alerted us to the photos:

They’ve been around forever, have raised tons of money, rented a ginormous office in a historic building in the financial district, but have yet to release a product.

Sounds like the perfect reason to throw a bash.