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On the premiere of her new Court TV show today, Star Jones invited Isaiah Washington to again discuss how a vast conspiracy behind the scenes at Grey's Anatomy forced him to blurt out the term "faggot" at an inopportune moment, ultimately leading to his dismissal from the series. But just when you thought the actor's serial silence-breakings had covered every angle, an all-new football metaphor helped to shed yet more light on the always scintillating subject of Washington's victimhood:

Washington: There's a technique called the crack back designed to cut you off at the knees before you can respond to it. Jones: What happens when you do not evade the "crack back?"

Washington: You get hurt. And you're taken out the game—completely. Jones: Did you ever feel in this last year of your life that the "crack back" technique was being used? Washington: Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Fellow ABC shitcannee Jones can certainly identify with falling victim to the deadly and efficient crack back, having herself experienced the equivalent of a five-linebacker full-body tackle with one, withering stare from a betrayed Barbara Walters. If the first show is any indication of the less-than-thrilling things to come, the generically titled Star Jones might want to consider retooling itself into a talk-variety format—Star Jones' Pity Party, where a live studio audience could really liven up the proceedings by injecting sympathetic "awwwww"s to her guests' sulky testimonials.