So you're reading Rush & Molloy this morning and you come across this:

Tough-minded pundit Arianna Huffington may have found a politician she approves of. Word is that the Huffington Post founder has been quietly dating Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Huffington didn't respond to several e-mails. Hizzoner's spokeswoman told us, "We don't comment on his personal life." Huffington was an early supporter of Booker in the Rhodes scholar's battle to unseat longtime Newark boss Sharpe James. Booker has contributed several posts to her blog.

You might think, as we did at first: Whoa, Newark's mayor is a closeted gay? But no, there is so much more.

We hear that Arianna and Cory met at the Time Person of the Year luncheon, by the way. (That's just how Time is: Always helping folks get some!) But as we said, there is more:

One person bound to take an interest in the talk is TV reporter (and Oprah pal) Gayle King, who has regularly turned up on Booker's arm at events where Huffington is also a guest.

So your second thought probably is: Not only is the dude gay, he's barely trying to hide it! Screw you, Gavin Newsom, our east coast big city bosses can outbeard you any day!

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