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As you've probably seen by now, if you are not a gay dude, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is expected to plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges next week. The deal will probably have him serve at least a year in prison, and will almost certainly end his professional football career, unless the Raiders need a quarterback when he gets out of prison. Reaction throughout the media is more or less uniform in favor of Vick being punished, but one Stacey Campfield, who is not just a blogger but also apparently a Tennessee state representative, brings up a perspective we hadn't yet thought of, being that we're Godless heathens and all.

"Does anyone besides me see the hypocrisy of some on the left who go nuts about Michael Vick and the whole dog fighting thing and yet are the same people who don't care about the loss of human life caused by illegal aliens or are the same people who fight for the right to kill unborn babies?" asks Campfield. He quotes a friend who notes that, "If Terry [sic] Schiavo was a dolphin or a dog (or a wale) [sic] she would still be alive today." Then it gets better!

Dog fighting is cruel and inhumane. But if Vick could have figured out a way to pit two unborn babies against each other in a fight to the death, maybe we'd outlaw killing children as quickly as we rushed to enhance penalties for crimes involving our pets.

Yeah, maybe. Or maybe we'd have stumbled on the greatest entertainment ever. Fetus deathmatches? Extract and dilate the cash from our wallets for season tickets, please. And put our money on the second-trimester gladiators; everyone knows they fight the dirtiest.

Love dogs, Hate people. [Camp4U, via]