"My email marketing finally worked. Gawker.com did a story on me. They did 3 actually. And if you're in the industry u know that Gawker is a celebrity website that keep it real and from that story I am meeting with an agent today who contacted the kid after reading and researching me. Wow, you get rid of the losers in your life and doors began to open for you. So let me get this book deal on and popping. So we shall see what's good with that. Right now I'm on my sk so I can't place a link of the story but just google me or wait until I get online later on to do so. Life is starting to look up for Tionna Smalls and I'm happy. I'm happy with my fam situation, my man situation, friends, locality, everything. I sleep all day, work all night. That's the life of a go-getter. Were planning the next luncheon. What else can happen to make my world better?" [Talk Dat Ish]